McDonald’s Mix and Match Menu (June 2024)

In the Philippines, McDonald’s Mix and Match menu is a value option that lets us create our budget-friendly meal combo. McDo Mix and Match is officially known as McSavers Mix and Match menu. This delicious menu is popular among pinoy fast food lovers who love to eat but spend less! Yes, here you will pay only 75 pesos & you can enjoy a wholesome meal on the go.

McDo Mix and Match is also a perfect option for “Libre ko na!” (My treat!). You would love to try different options with your mates or family.

What is McDO Mix and Match Menu?

It’s one of the innovative ideas from McDonald’s Philippines menu! It was introduced some years back when customers wanted to mix & match their McDonald’s favourite items & save some bucks too. Officially seeing the interest Mix and Match McDO was launched to cater for this need.

A menu with two sub-menus to choose from and the price is fixed.

Step1: Choose your Main McDo Meal Item

Start by choosing one of the meal items as your main item.

  • Cheesy Burger McDo
  • McCrispy Chicken Sandwich
  • McSpaghetti
  • 1-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak

Step 2: Add a Side Food Item

Now select your favourite side to enjoy with your meal.

  • Regular Fries
  • Permanent Sundae (Hot Fudge/ Hot Caramel/ Plain)
  • Apple Pie
  • Coke McFloat 16oz
  • Premium Roast Coffee 8oz
  • Iced Tea 12oz
  • Pineapple Juice 12oz

Step 3: Price for McDo Mix and Match

Officially, the fixed price for McDO Mix and Match is 75 pesos.

Price Comparison – McDo Mix & Match Menu vs Regular Menu

A regular Cheesy Burger meal might cost 170 pesos, while fries on their own could be 83 pesos. By choosing the McSavers Mix & Match, you could potentially save 175 pesos – a significant saving for a satisfying meal!


Every day McDonald’s Mix and Match menu is available through Dine-in, Take-Out, Self Order Kiosks, and Drive-Thru services. However, this menu is not available on some services. Check out the availability chart below.

Self Order Kiosks
Drive-Thru services
Food Panda
Dessert Centers
Fries kiosks
Roxas Blvd outlet
Petron North outlet
Baguio Sunshine Mall

McDonald’s Mix and Match menu is available daily at the following times.

Monday10:30 am – 3:59 am
Tuesday10:30 am – 3:59 am
Wednesday10:30 am – 3:59 am
Thursday10:30 am – 3:59 am
Friday10:30 am – 3:59 am
Saturday10:30 am – 3:59 am
Sunday10:30 am – 3:59 am
Mix n match menu timings

McDonald’s is the top choice for Filipino fast food lovers, with its Mix n Match Menu offering ease to order. With this super affordable menu, you can add, remove and customize your favourite menu items. This menu is popular for group orders like Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, and graduation celebrations.

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