McCafe Menu with Prices & Nutrition Calories (June 2024)

McDonald’s in the Philippines is popular for its variety of tastes for Filipino fast food lovers. Similarly, McCafe Menu offers a wide variety of coffee drinks with its affordable prices that fit every taste. In this menu you will find coffee ranging from classic brewed coffee types to speciality drinks, there’s something to enjoy in every season.

  • Espresso Lovers: Rich in caffeine McCafé Americano, creamy Cappuccino, or a bold Espresso shot.
  • Classic Coffee: A freshly brewed Cafe Latter or refreshing Iced Latte will comfort your cravings.
  • Frappe: You can choose flavours from Iced Double Choco Frappe, Caramel Frappe or a simple chilled Mocha Frappe.
  • Sweet and Creamy: Choose a cup of Premium Hot Chocolate, tea for a Winter warmer.

McCafe Bakery Menu Items

A delicious pastry cake completes the real coffee experience. I recommend you to pair your McCafe coffee (hot or cold) with a yummy & affordable selection of baked cakes and pastries.

  • McDo Cheesecakes: Treat yourself to a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake or Oreo Cheesecake.
  • Chocolate Lovers: Everybody in the Philippines loves Dark Chocolate Cake. I recommend it to order it with a Hot Coffee.
  • Classic menu: Pinoy kids love to order a warm Chocolate Chip Cookie or Choco Chip Banana Slice for a friendly treat.

McCafe Menu Prices in Phillipines

McCafe Coffee Menu Prices

Coffee ListPries in Pesos
Americano – Small₱120
Americano – Regular₱135
Americano – Large₱150
Cappuccino – Small₱130
Cappuccino – Regular₱145
Cappuccino – Large₱160
Café Latte – Small₱130
Café Latte – Regular₱145
Café Latte – Large₱160
Flat White – Small₱130
Flat White – Regular₱145
Flat White – Large₱160
Premium Hot Choco – Small₱130
Premium Hot Choco – Regular₱145
Premium Hot Choco – Large₱160
Iced Chocolate – Small₱130
Mc Cafe Philippines Coffee Prices

McCafe Iced Coffee Prices

Choose & order your favourite chilled Iced coffee of your choice

Iced Coffee Prices with SizePrice in Pesos
Iced Chocolate Regular₱145
Iced Chocolate Large₱160
Iced Americano Coffee Small₱125
Iced Americano Regular₱140
Iced Americano Large₱155
Iced Latte – Small₱130
Iced Latte – Regular₱145
Iced Latte – Large₱160
Iced Mocha – Small₱140
Iced Mocha – Regular₱155
Iced Mocha – Large₱170
Ice Coffee Menu with Price

McCafe Smoothies Menu Prices

Choose your favourite McDonald’s Smoothie from the price menu below.

SmoothiesPrice (₱) in Pesos
Dalandan Smoothie Small₱140
Dalandan Smoothie Regular₱155
Dalandan Smoothie Large₱170
Strawberry Smoothie Small₱140
Strawberry Smoothie Regular₱155
Strawberry Smoothie Large₱170

McCafe Frappes Menu with Prices

Select one of the finest Frappes available at McCafe from the list

McDo FrappesPrice (₱) in Pesos
Caramel Frappe Small₱150
Caramel Frappe Regular₱165
Caramel Frappe Large₱180
Caramel Oreo Frappe Small₱160
Caramel Oreo Frappe Regular₱175
Caramel Oreo Frappe Large₱190
Mocha Frappe Small₱150
Mocha Frappe Regular₱165
Mocha Frappe Large₱180
Mocha Oreo Frappe Small₱160
Mocha Oreo Frappe Regular₱175
Mocha Oreo Frappe Large₱190
Strawberry Oreo Frappe Small₱150
Strawberry Oreo Frappe Regular₱165
Strawberry Oreo Frappe Large₱180
Double Chocolate Frappe Small₱155
Double Chocolate Frappe Regular₱170
Double Chocolate Frappe Large₱185

McDo McCafe Teas Menu Prices

Tea ranks as the second most favoured choice among those who enjoy hot beverages, following coffee. You can enjoy your black tea with milk and sugar for a more customized experience.

Tea at McDonaldsPrice (₱) in Pesos
Flavored Tea Jasmine₱95
Flavored Tea Peppermint₱95
Black Tea₱95
McCafe House Blend Iced Tea Small₱110
Iced Tea Regular₱125
Iced Tea Large₱140

Pastries Menu with Prices

Explore the mouthwatering variety of McDo pastries on McDonald’s menu, all at prices designed to satisfy your cravings.

Pastry Menu at McDonaldPrice (₱) in Pesos
Chocolate Chip Cookie₱80
Chocolate Chip Banana Slice₱85
Caramel Cinnamon Bun₱110
Cheese and Bacon Croissant₱135
Sausage Croissant₱130
Mushroom, Cheese & Egg Pie₱145
Dark Chocolate Cake₱150
Blueberry Cheesecake₱170
Oreo Cheesecake₱170
Cheesy Chicken Pesto Wrap₱175

Nutrition Values in Mcdonald’s Burgers

The McDonald’s Menu offers balanced nutritional value through its extensive range of complete meal and beverage choices

Menu ItemCalories
Chocolate Muffin468 Calories
Triple Chocolate Cookie321 Calories
Sugar Donut189 Calories
Chocolatey Donut251 Calories
Blueberry Muffin331 Calories
Hot Chocolate, large231 Calories
Black Coffee, regular6 Calories
Espresso, single shot1 Calories
Tea, Large8 Calories
Hot Chocolate, Large12 Calories
Caramel Iced Frappe, Large391 Calories
Caramel Iced Frappe, Regular313 Calories
Cappuccino, Large124 Calories
Latte, Regular142 Calories
Hot Chocolate, Regular173 Calories
Iced Latte94 Calories
Mocha Iced Frappe, Large362 Calories

Frequently Asked Questions

McDonald’s drinks in the Philippines are likely not $1(57.81 PHP) anymore. Coffee prices in the Philippines McCafe Menu start from ₱95 which is 1.64 in US Dollars.

Price of a blueberry cheesecake is ₱170. People love it due to its rich and creamy texture with a graham crust and topped with sweetened blueberries.

Yes absolutely! McCafé in the Philippines offers a variety of hot and iced coffee drinks. Check the McCafe Coffee Menu on this page.

McDonald’s Cappuccino in the Philippines comes in three sizes:

  • Small: This costs around ₱130.00.
  • Regular: For a larger cup, you’ll be looking at around ₱145.00.
  • Large: It costs you ₱160.

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