McDonald’s Happy Meal Menu Prices (2024)

McDo Happy Meal Menu is a affordable option for kids and family meals. Mcdonald’s Philippines Happy Meal menu features kid-sized meals, with Pinoy taste. Kids Menu consists of a meal option with combination of juicy burgers, yummy spaghetti, crispy fries and refreshing Minute Maid orange juice.

Happy Meals comes with a cute red box with big smiley on it. Spreading happiness where a kids & parents can enjoy delicious meals together with some good family time.

Happy Meals comes with surprise toy gift, attracting Pinoy Kids. Filipino Kids often collect full range & love to keep them as a collectible items. It’s a great way to create lasting memories and share a fun Happy Meal time with your loved ones.

McDo’s Happy Meal Menu Prices

Choose your meal from below menu and order own Happy Meal with delicious sides or a solo meal.

What type of McDo Happy Meals are available in Phillippines?

Happy Meal at McDonald’s menu in the Philippines offers four different types of meal options. These include Chicken McDo Happy Meal, Chicken McNuggets Meal, McSpaghetti Meal, and Juicy Burger McDo Happy Meal. All meals come with crispy fries and chilled drinks to choose from.

Happy Meal OptionPrice (₱)
Chicken McDo (1 Piece Meal)₱185.00
Chicken McNuggets (4 Pieces Meal)₱147.00
McSpaghetti with Fries and Juice₱140.00
Burger McDo with Fries and Juice₱129.00

Nutrition Values (Calories) in Happy Meals

It is very important to consider calories in addition to McDo Happy Meals price list.

Happy Meal OptionCalories
Chickenburger and Fries817 kCal
4-pc. Chicken McNuggets395 kCal
McSpaghetti with Fries and Juice475 kCal
Burger McDo with Fries and Juice817 kCal
Minute Maid® Premium Orange Juice190 kCal


Usually, there are 475 calories in a Happy Meal.

Different prices meals are available. You can choose meal size, or you can choose an add-on with options from drinks, or desserts with your happy meal.

1 regular McDo Fries has around 100 calories.

The lowest number of calories in Happy Meals are found in Hamburger meal with 263 calories

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