McDonald’s Burgers Menu with Prices & Nutrition (2024)

Mcdonald’s is popular for classic and delicious burgers worldwide. In the Philippines, McDonald’s offers a yummy burger menu at budget-friendly prices. These mcdo burger prices are specially tailored to Pinoy’s taste. It includes an exclusive McDo Burgers menu with Big Mac® to the beefy Quarter Pounder® with Cheese. Filipino love for McDo burgers, specially beef and chicken combos, is everlasting.

Check out Burger Menu Prices and Nutrition values (calories). I aim to help you choose healthy McDo Burgers with meal add-ons and group share box meals.

McDo Burger Price List 2024

Nutrition Values (Calories) in McDonalds Burgers

It is very important to consider calories in addition to McDo solo burger price list.

Menu ItemEnergy (Kcal)Protein (g)Carbs (g)Fats (g)
Big Mac507kcal47g47g25g
Burger McDo347kcal14g39g16g
Quarter Pounder with Cheese540kcal31g41g28g
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich321kcal13g41g11g
McChicken Sandwich383kcal10g41g17g
Double Cheeseburger420kcal
McDonalds Burgers Menu Nutrition Report

Burgers Menu Nutrition value helps you understand how many calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats are available in your McDo Burger menu. Don’t forget to check the full McDo Menu Prices.


Big Mac is the most famous burger in Philippines.

Double Big Mac is the biggest burger currently offered by McDonalds Philippines.

Vegan or Vegetarian burgers are not available at the moment in any of the mcdo burgers menu.

McBreakfast is available 24 hours. Burgers are of breakfast meals.

Please refer to this McDo burger calories chart to find mcdo burger calories.

Download McDelivery App and order your favorite mcdo burgers anytime, anywhere in Philippines.

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